Pharmaceutical Organizing Committee

David R. Schoneker

Black Diamond Regulatory Consulting, LLC

Biography: David R. Schoneker is currently the President/Owner of Black Diamond R ReadMore...

Research Interest: New Concepts for Drug Product Innovation & Novel Excipients ReadMore...

Vladimir Matveevich Gruznov

Russian Academy of Sciences

Biography: Vladimir Matveevich Gruznov, Doctor of Sciences (Chromatography, Geoph ReadMore...

Research Interest: Substance and elemental analysis for explosives detection, g ReadMore...

Gerhard Kratz

Global Sales Director
ABCR GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe

Biography: Gerhard Kratz has completed his studies at University of Applied Scien ReadMore...

Research Interest: HPLC Troubleshooting Analytics

Gilles Goetz

Principal Scientist

Biography: Gilles Goetz is a Principal Scientist at Pfizer in Groton, Connecticut ReadMore...

Research Interest: SFC, HPLC applications, Immobilized Artificial Membrane (IAM ReadMore...

Norberto Guzman

Chief Scientific Officer-Director of Research
Princeton Biochemicals, Inc

Biography: Dr. Norberto Guzman received a B.Sc. degree in biochemistry from the U ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Norberto Guzman main research interest is in the studies ReadMore...

Haifei Zhang

University of Liverpool
United Kingdom

Biography: Dr Haifei Zhang is a senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at ReadMore...

Research Interest: Porous materials, colloids, carbon materials, and nanostruct ReadMore...

Miloš Netopilík

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Biography: Miloš Netopilík has completed his PhD at the age of 30 years from In ReadMore...

Research Interest: Chromatography, Separation techniques